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In my current role as Director, Marketing & Communications at Teach For All, one of my responsibilities is producing & editing the network’s digital newsletter.

Here’s a link to our recently-published July issue:



Since March, I’ve been consulting on digital content strategy & editorial direction for the marketing and communications departments of  the educational equity non-profit Teach For America and its global sister network, Teach For All. This has been exciting, humbling, and rewarding work, and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with some very committed and talented people.

Here are some recent examples of my work for TFA & TFAll…

Teach For All – Teach For All October Newsletter 2012





Teach For America – Where We Work: South Dakota





Teach For America – Where We Work: Washington

First, check out my post here, which I was moved to write after my experience consulting for Teach For America, an organization with a progressive approach to flexible working arrangements that I found truly extraordinary…

A Working Mom’s Hallelujah Moment: Working Remotely, We Can (Almost) Do It All

Now read Beth Greenfield’s take at Shine…

Response to a working mom’s hallelujah moment: Amen, work-at-home sister!


Fab editor Dina ElNabli assigned me these stories (and one other that seems to no longer be linked) for iVillage’s Earth Day content. Both were interesting to research and the slide show was surprisingly fun to write–my first experience with using Pinterest as an initial source. The blogs it led me to left me feeling anything but creative compared to some of the crafty folks out there.

DIY Your Life: 17 Home & Gardening Ideas from Our Fave Bloggers

lightbulb vase

Go Paperless! (Or at Least Use Less Paper)

paper recyling

Who would have thought a book with a chapter about aphrodisiacs would get the thumbs up from a publication called “Tots To Teens Magazine”? Hey, I’m not complaining! Here it is:

Doesn’t have to be Valentines Day for you to show love! (Tots To Teens & In B*Tween)

I dish about oysters, chocolate and more with’s Chief Dining Officer, Caroline Potter…

“Love Miscellany” Author Deb Levine Talks Aphrodisiacs + Valentine’s Day Food


My first non-fiction book, “Love Miscellany: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Many Ways We Celebrate Love,” was recently released by Skyhorse Publishing, just in time for Valentine’s Day! You can find it on display with other Valentine’s Day titles at Barnes & Noble or online at and Many independent booksellers, like our neighborhood favorite, Book Court, also have it on the shelves. Pick up a copy for your special someone today!